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The Ultimate Gifts & Experiences

Share the gift of profound tranquility

Gift them a day of blissful tranquility with our unique wellness combination of float therapy, infrared sauna, and therapeutic massage. This trio of services works in harmony to melt away stress, foster deep relaxation, and awaken a sense of renewal.

Why does a float session make the ultimate gift?

Deep relaxation and rest

We all need a break to get some relief from all of the stress and anxiety. Floating is one of the best ways to achieve that!

Unique, memorable experience

You often hear that we should prioritize experiences over items and float therapy is a very unique experience that your loved ones will remember for a long time.

Quality Me Time

Many of us are lacking in high quality me time and a float session is a great way to get away from it all so you can check in and focus solely on you.

A New, Positive Habit

The real power of floating comes into play when you start to do it on a regular basis, so you may just be introducing a loved one to their best new habit.

Gift Cards

Float Session

60 minutes. Upgrade to 90 minutes for an extra $20.


Intro 3 Float Pack

Three 60-minute floats. Non-shareable.


Infrared Sauna

30 minutes. Upgrade to 60 minutes for $10.


Massage Therapy

60 minutes. Upgrade to 90 minutes for $40 more.


Give A Full Experience

Date Night Package

Disconnect and reset together for a stronger connection post-float. Two 60-minute floats.


The Complete Package

The ultimate experience and relaxation for one person. Includes a 60-minute float, 30-minute sauna and 60-minute massage.


Couple's Pampering

Two hours of unparalleled relaxation for couples to experience together. Includes two 60-minute floats and two 60-minute massages.


The Ultimate Date Night

Our most popular package! Two 60-minute floats, two 60-minute massages and a shared 30 minute sauna session for a night that you won't forget!


Ready for the Ultimate Date Night?

Our most popular package. It’s the ultimate way to relax, treat yourselves and reconnect with each other with renewed energy and heightened senses. Includes: 2 x 60-minute Float sessions, 2 x 60-minute massages, and a couples 30-minute Sauna. Get back to your best with a memorable experience together!

A Truly Unique Experience in the Rocky Mountains
I recently visited float Canmore for their all inclusive experience: a 60 minute float, 30 minute sauna and 60 minute massage. Wade (the owner) was very friendly and inviting and explained the process and experience thoroughly to put my hesitations to rest. After climbing in the pod, and feeling huge relief as I began to slowly relax, the hour went by quickly.

I must say, I am now hooked - this was a life changing afternoon. I am someone that has suffered from anxiety my whole life, so experiencing sensory deprivation and feeling weightless is something that is hard to explain to people that haven't tried it before. I can see the potential health benefits - physical and mental. The overall level of relaxation and combination of all three treatments, truly felt like a gift that I deserved and needed.

I highly recommend trying a float if you haven't before, gifting a float to someone you know, or even just booking yourself a massage! You deserve it too!

Lindsay C.Verified 5-Star Review on TripAdvisor

200+ verified 5-star reviews, now it's time for your experience!

World class massage! From the therapist to the high tech massage table, this was a pro experience all the way through. Looking forward to going back for a sauna and float. Beautiful space!

Andrew H.Verified 5-Star Review on Google


What an experience. A bit of an "out of body" experience, in a good way. Hard to describe how relaxing it is to float. The Epsom salts in the water support you effortlessly. A great destresser and combined with a massage after will definitely make you feel great. A very nice clean facility that I felt very comfortable in. The location is also handy, just being off main street. I'm looking forward to the next time I get to go for a float.Elizabeth did my massage and it was honestly the best massage I've had in years. I can't recall a better massage ever! And so needed after a long winter and Covid. I highly recommend this experience to anyone looking for exceptional care in their self care.

Brad S.Verified 5-Star Review on Google


First time floater and I'II definitely be returning. So relaxing and very much needed for these bones as I spend my work days upright and on the move. Excellent service and I can't say enough good things about the owner/operator. Such a kind soul and always looking out for others first! See you again soon!!

Rick M.Verified 5-Star Review on Google


I got a GC for my birthday for a float, and I had no idea what to expect. FC feels like a spa as soon as you walk in. The receptionist was super helpful and explained everything you needed to know. The float is a totally crazy experience if it's your first time. You step into a pod filled with warm water, mavbe half a meter high. as you sit down, then lay down you start to float. It seems obvious, but you don't need to put effort into floating, which in turn helps you completely shut off, meditate, or even sleep. Lights and music on or off, it's a relaxing time. Highly recommend it! Glad Canmore has a float place! 🙂

Lacey S.Verified 5-Star Review on Google


From booking to the end of our experience, we loved Float Canmore. Booking our couples massage and floats were easy, and Geoffry offered us an improvement so my husband and I could have our massages simultaneously 🙂

Upon our arrival, Geoffry was very attentive and helpful. The atmosphere is relaxing and welcoming.

I had an hour massage with Suzanne who was awesome! She made sure that I was comfortable (being pregnant, this is no small feat!), the massage was so relaxing and I felt very cared for and listened to. I would highly recommend her 🙂

I had an hour long float afterwards, it was a unique experience with my baby! Baby was so active and rolling around, and I could feel every movement. If you’re pregnant, I cannot recommend a float enough! My skin was delightfully soft afterwards too. Overall, a fantastic experience!!

Megan C.Verified 5-Star Review on Google


My husband and I visit Canmore every year and we are always looking for a new service to try. We had heard of float therapy prior to our visit but had not had the chance to try it. We booked the float and then a couples massage, both services were incredible. The anti gravity sensation in the float pod was amazing. I often have a sore lower back and my husband has bad hips, the float released tightness for both of us which was incredible. The ladies that did the massages were great as they listened to us and worked on the spots that needed to be loosened. The atmosphere was so relaxing and all of the staff members were friendly. We will definitely be back! 🙂

Kaylee H.Verified 5-Star Review on Google


Frequently asked questions

Do the gift cards expire?

Credits on gift cards expire after two years, more than enough time for your recipient to tap into the incredible calm and relaxation of your present.

Do you have physical or digital gift cards available?

We have both digital and physical cards available.  You will always get a digital copy upon purchase.

Want to give them the full experience?

Give the Complete Package for float, sauna and massage


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