Pricing & Membership

Explore how to find the right float-style - for your lifestyle.

  • Single Float

  • $79
    per float

  • One 60-minute float

  • Credit toward packs

  • Never expires

  • Book

  • Membership

  • $49
    per month

  • One 60-minute float/month

  • Unlimited additional @ $39

  • 3-month commitment*

  • No activation fees!

  • Earn free floats & upgrades

  • 10% off retail products

  • Shareable with a friend!

  • Learn More

  • Intro Three Pack

  • $139
    per pack

  • Three 60-minute floats

  • Limit one per customer

  • Great for beginners

  • Non-shareable

  • Never expires

  • Book

All float & sauna sessions can be purchased as gift cards and come with a fresh, complimentary tea.

*With great discount, comes a little responsibility - but feel free to cancel anytime after 90 days!

Note: We have partnered with Affordable Services Canmore! If you are a valid card holder, you can receive your float for $49.

(we'll have it all added in here soon!)



Interested in a Float Canmore Membership?

Becoming a Float Canmore member comes with a monthly float, free post-float tea and access to extra discounted floats that can be shared with a friend, spouse or family member - who can float for just $39.

Since the more you float, the better at it you get - a membership is the perfect way to float more - for less!

Get your monthly reset, reduce some stress and share it with someone you care about.

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Other benefits include:

  • No lame, secretly hidden activation fees
  • 10% off all of our standard retail products
  • Rollover unused float sessions to next month
  • Chance to earn free floats & upgrades
  • Auto-entered into contests & giveaways
  • Unlimited amounts of amazing high fives