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Mountain climbing and meditation usually did the trick for Travis McPhee when he needed to unwind and de-stress from his hectic, corporate job. That is until he experienced his first float. "I felt elated," says Travis. "I felt like I found a mechanism to bring complete clarity to my mind in a short period of time. I found a way to let all my stresses roll off my shoulders in a matter of an hour."

He was hooked. So much so, that he decided to open his own water therapy spa at his favourite location. Float Canmore is nestled in its namesake Rocky Mountain town. "I'm a mountain guy," says Travis, adding that his new business brings his  passion for floatation and alpine getaways together. "This is the best of both worlds."

Flotation therapy is the latest craze in detoxing and de-stressing the mind and body. Superstar NBA and NFL players are reportedly flocking to them, notably NBA superstar Stephen Curry, who floats regularly... 

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